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75 pages (Series) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Made In America by Navid Kiani A crime saga set in the 1950's against the backdrop of real events, in which a young mobster that is coming up in the Gambino Crime Family, sets out to avenge his younger brother's death, but through all of the betrayals, is eventually forced to work together with the men that murdered his brother in order to save his own life and climb higher up in the Gambino Crime Family.153 pages (Drama, Crime) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Made of Stone by Paul Wilkins Kikill Avdil wants what everybody wants, A nice house, car, money, and the girl of his dreams.. When Kikill steals a car and leaves the owner for dead, it soon becomes clear that the owner of the car is the local kingpin of the area.Also, the story describes the travells of the space ships through the universe, describing the area of Jupiter and other planets.65 pages (Sci Fi, Fantasy) pdf format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board Maggies Dream by K. Boxberger This play captures a dream as all dreams are played out in the mind, only to find out in the end, it was your dream.

The story describes the modern technologies of that time, how did the humanity developed itself, and the young Madron king who will return the freedom to the Madronians and defeat Nobils. K: Monsters In Little Kids by Sean Elwood (thedeadwalk2nite) Milk. But one day, something goes wrong, and inside every carton of milk is occupied by a tiny monster that transforms into a Hellish demon when inside the human body.The incidents that happens in the house will take place half of the script. But the dreamed boy when he comes out of his house, they really hit the ball inside.It all goes well until he meets the owner's daughter and from that moment Warren will never be the same 76 pages (Drama) doc format Discuss this script on the Discussion Board The Magic Fortune Cookie by Richard D Dubose A young woman writes supernatural fortunes for her father's restaurant and after one of his costumers wins the lottery she is kidnapped by the Chinese Mafia.87 pagescontest: Placed in top 100 on Amazon Studios Premise War via fan voting and received buyout offer from the Director of Flight Plan starring Jodie Foster.

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