Bell expressvu guide not updating

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CBC News reached out to the CRTC and asked if Bell could require customers to buy Bell internet when signing up for the "Starter" basic pack, as indicated in the company document.

Soon after, we heard from a Bell employee who told us that "Starter TV no longer has to be linked with internet.

In addition, according to the document, to get Fibe TV, customers must subscribe to a Bell internet package.

On top of that, according to another apparent Bell training document posted online, the company will not offer any deals to "Starter" customers. The Bell document obtained by CBC News lays out the pricing for the Fibe "Starter" with some add-ons.

Customers can then add individual pick-and-pay channels priced at either or .

As with other packages, people will also have to shell out extra monthly fees for the TV receiver or box rental and high definition programming.

"Sorry I wouldn't comment on anonymous claims or documents you are finding," Bell spokeswoman Jacqueline Michelis said in an email.

She also wouldn't confirm any details about the "Starter" pack. "It's a competitive business." Michelis added: "We will follow all CRTC rules, we always do." The CRTC regulations mandating a basic "skinny" TV pack and added pick-and-pay channels were designed to give viewers more choice.

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That's more than five times the initial price of the basic package.The CRTC has told CBC News that TV providers are obligated to advertise the new "skinny" basic pack and pick-and-pay options."[We] will certainly be following through on ensuring that they promote this package and these opportunities as well as they promote their other packages," Scott Hutton, the CRTC's executive director of broadcasting, said several days ago."They`re not making any profit off of this package and what they`re doing is, they`re downplaying the idea of this being a benefit to customers," said Daniel Bader, senior editor with the tech site Mobile Nations.Just days before the final March 1 deadline, major TV providers Bell, Telus and Rogers have yet to publicly release the details of their new offerings.

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