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Instead, it makes the database do the update based on whatever value is current at the time that the save() is executed.Once the object has been saved, you must reload the object in order to access the actual value that was applied to the updated field: for the object.For example, if your URLconf contained a line such as: Notice that we specify an empty sequence for the second parameter in this case, because we only want to pass keyword parameters, not positional ones.In this way, you're tying the model's absolute URL to the view that is used to display it, without repeating the URL information anywhere.If you assign auto-primary-key values manually, make sure not to use an already-existing primary-key value! Explicitly specifying auto-primary-key values is mostly useful for bulk-saving objects, when you're confident you won't have primary-key collision.If you create a new object with an explicit primary-key value that already exists in the database, Django will assume you're changing the existing record rather than creating a new one. The one gotcha here is that you should be careful not to specify a primary-key value explicitly when saving new objects, if you cannot guarantee the primary-key value is unused.

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For instance, you could use it to automatically provide a value for a field, or to do validation that requires access to more than a single field: .

Validation Error( Please provide an email that matches your name, or viceversa ,code= custom ), forms.

Next, you run whatever rule or logic you want against the field value, if you deem the value doesn t comply you raise a forms.

(Postel s Law) in (so you know if international or national format was used on input), and any extension in form not validating django.

This also applies to auto_id, which if False, will not include tags while rendering the form.

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