Errors were encountered while validating xml schemas kenai peninsula dating

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Open); var validating = new Xml Validating Reader(reader, Xml Node Type. I also made sure that when I add the schema in my C# the target namespace matches. Settings = settings; Hmm...apparently I didn't have my Validation event hooked up properly. Element, null); // Removed 3 other XSDs to simplify a bit, but are included in the real code schema. In the code I show above I manually set the name but in the real code I extract the target Namespace from the XSD and use that. As soon as I re-connected it, I get the same exact errors being reported. The java classes are very simple: =================================== package iseries.wsbeans.converttemp3; public class Convert Temp3Services ============================== package iseries.wsbeans.converttemp3; import

To know about the subsequent errors, we need to fix the previous error and validate the file again and again till no exception is thrown.

If this is the correct namespace, then an appropriate 'import' tag should be added to 'file:///C:/Documents and Settings/mauro/Documenti/Eclipse33 workspace/Problema Axis2/Test Service_Exception.wsdl'.

Test Service_line 4 src-resolve.4.2: Error resolving component 'xs: Throwable'.

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