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Even if something can’t be done, there’s always a positive way to communicate it.Let’s say a customer of an online service wants to open a second account and you don’t do this unless he is a Premium Member. Once you have a Premium Account you can run two separate accounts.To get the hang of it, we need to look to our childhood.After all, it started the first time our parents denied us a candy.Most of these sexy cam girls are offering free live sex chat in teaser chat rooms.

For example, let’s say you’re a software provider and a client is having a hard time implementing your software on the company website. Instead of focusing on a customer’s mistake, try putting the focus on what you have done to help.When clients need to contact a company’s support, they always want to hear the yes answer to all their requests. That’s why you should seek alternatives to flat-out saying . It can cause an emotional, or even childlike response. We are also quick to talk about it on social media – bad experiences are three times more likely to be shared than the positive ones.Let’s say a customer of an online store asks for a specific brand and you do not sell it.You might say: a) I’m sorry, we don’t sell this brand.

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