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Plenty of my close liberal friends who have similar backgrounds come to polar-opposite conclusions, and that’s dandy.

But it doesn’t mean I want that cognitive processing around me 24/7 in the most intimate of unions. Romance is a union of body, mind and soul, and when we’re out of sync on politics, it’s a huge mental obstacle.

It’s like a chef who won’t date fruitarians: the discrimination seems reasonable, since cooking and sharing a diverse palette of meals dominates his life.

No baby pops out a liberal or conservative; it’s a state of mind he adopts later on.This may be a chicken-or-egg matter, but culture and ideology profoundly shape behavior.When a man’s strongly held values clash with mine, I’d rather say “Adios!That’s as lame as stereotyping conservatives as gun-obsessed, uncreative, heartless jerks who enjoy tossing orphans into the streets.I’ve dated guys from a smorgasbord of racial and ethnic backgrounds, but that’s a separate matter.

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