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not from the accepted procedures of a discipline but from ” (Culler, 1983: 9; my emphasis).

Once more we encounter interdisciplinarity, as a project. This is consistent with the view that what needs to be drawn explicitly into doctoral education is a curriculum focus on , and hence on ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ research, or consuming and producing research. Research invariably involves reading and writing, literally, increasingly now in digital-electronic forms.

In their view, scholarship takes precedence over research, certainly in terms of graduate studies and research training.

Although they are not explicit in this regard, their argument suggests that this is the case more generally.

The ‘scholar’ was valued over the ‘researcher’, with the latter being identified with the new award of the Ph D. Research stepped forward, to take up its rightful place – but of course this was always a particular version or construction of research.I come at this topic from a particular perspective, albeit congruent with my own interests and passions, and my long-time, deep and enduring fascination with poststructuralism, or more generally Continental theory and philosophy, about which I sometimes despair of knowing anything, in any significant sense. This is something of marked importance in the contemporary moment, in which there is a renewed struggle over the nature and role of research – educational research in particular – in terms of policy and government.Especially vulnerable at this time is so-called qualitative research, or research that (self-)identifies as Other with regard to mainstream, normative educational science.He argues for the humanities as an alternative or at least complementary reference-point, and relatedly, for “an expanded and generous conception of interdisciplinarity” (Bullough, 2006: 9).He recalls an earlier moment in the history of the field when education was positioned between the humanities and the social sciences, participating in both epistemic communities – a truly hybrid discipline. That comes in part from my own location within curriculum inquiry, and more specifically, the (post-)Reconceptualist tradition in curriculum studies (Pinar et al, 1995; Pinar, 2004, 2012).

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