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- Credit -- Expect no change on your credit score when bankruptcy's discharged.

For scoring purposes, it's the date it was filed what counts. (See Bankruptcy discharge and credit score)Rate survey: Average card APR climbs to record high of 16.32 percent -- Jan. podcast: Making your financial goals stick - Credit -- If you've made a resolution to get your finances and credit under control this year, there are some key strategies to making those goals stick and making this your best year ever ... podcast on financial goals)Should you use card rewards to pay down debt?

3, 2018: The average credit card APR shot up again this week after multiple lenders hiked rates, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. - Credit -- If you’re sitting on a pile of rewards and you have card debt, it’s a good idea to at least seriously consider redeeming them for cash ...

(See Using rewards to pay down debt)Citi removes foreign transaction fees from the Costco Anywhere Visa -- Citi has announced that the Costco Anywhere Visa card will no longer charge foreign transaction fees for purchases made when shopping abroad or on an international retailer’s website. (See Costco)When you should call your bank - Credit -- If you need certain services done with your card or have questions redeeming your rewards, calling your bank might be best ...

As a result there are fewer restrictions on gift card purchases. (See Buying gift cards with credit cards)Learn from rewards cards' 2017 trends, changes -- Review the credit card changes that happened in 2017 to prepare for 2018 ... -- Until the account ages off your credit report, make the most of this time by adding positive information to your credit files. (See Charged-off debt)Gas pump and ATM skimmers: How to spot them -- How can you spot card skimmers? podcast: Making sense out of your dollars -- How your emotions dictate your spending and how you can start thinking more rationally about where you put your dollars ... podcast)Best low interest credit cards of 2018 | Credit -- See what our credit cards experts have to say about the three best low-interest cards. (See Best low-interest card)Balance Transfer Survey -- Our research finds balance transfers remain generous, even in a rising-rate environment, as card issuers hesitate to hike fees or trim introductory offers. (See Balance transfer survey)What to do with a defunct Citi Hilton card?

(See Working with payment processors)Card companies go above and beyond for military members -- Credit card companies offer a wide range of money-saving benefits exclusive to military families, but these perks aren’t widely advertised. (See Credit cards for the military)Even if you win a chargeback billing dispute, the merchant can still sue -- You must first make a 'good faith effort' to work it out with the store ...-- Adding a paid-off credit account to your credit report won't automatically boost or hurt your score; your credit history will determine its impact. (See Adding paid-off credit account to reports)Federal Reserve raises rates for third time this year -- The U. central bank raised its benchmark rate a quarter point – meaning higher APRs on most credit cards – and projected more hikes in 2018. (See Fed raises rates; card APRs to increase)Rate survey: Average card APR dips to 16.14 percent -- Dec. podcast: Giving back and getting more -- Justin Baldoni, star of the hit show "Jane the Virgin" joins us for this 50th episode of Charged Up! podcast with Justin Baldoni)How do secured card deposits work?13, 2017: The average credit card interest rate slipped Wednesday for the first time since May, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. to talk about how to give back and, ultimately, get more. -- Secured card deposits act as repayment insurance if a cardholder misses payments. (See Secured card deposits)5 books, 4 movies to learn more about personal finance -- Further your and your family's money savvy with these expert-picked flicks, reads ...Federal laws, zero-liability policies protect you against fraud. (See Credit card fraud victim)Hot, new rewards cards to debut in 2018 - Credit -- Which rewards cards will be hot in the coming year, and which ones will be on their way out. (See Rewards cards 2018)Credit card trends - Credit -- Get ready for new rewards and ways to pay, but carrying a balance on your card will become more expensive ... (See Balance transfer card)CFPB report: Deferred interest problems grow - Credit -- The U. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shifted away from criticism of the consumer credit card market in the latest edition of its biennial report ...(See Credit card trends)Dad used my credit card to go on vacation - Credit -- You can file fraud charges and get the charges removed if your dad was not made an authorized user on the card. (See Credit card theft)How multiple apartment rental credit checks affect score - Credit -- Renting an apartment may create multiple hard inquiries as potential landlords check you out. - Credit -- If you’re struggling under the weight of a large credit card balance, you may be looking for a card that lets you transfer debt without charging interest, such as the Chase Slate or the Chase Freedom. (See Deferred interest problems)Rate survey: Average card APR continues to climb - Credit -- Dec. podcast: Let's talk about debt - Credit -- Founder of Rescue 1 Financial and author of "Let's Talk about Debt," Brad W.

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