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Some of these technologies have already begun to appear; others will take years or decades.A few are stalled out for political reasons or because they threaten the profits of todays influential institutions or industries.Without philosophy, the arts, spirituality, experiential wisdom and personal ethics, we are doomed as a civilization, regardless of the technologies we may invent.These technologies only make sense when we are mature enough as a species to wield the powers they offer us.

The ten technologies covered here each hold tremendous promise for uplifting our collective quality of life on planet Earth.

In decades past, intelligence was largely determined by how much an individual could remember.

Each person was expected to carry their own personal library in their heads, and a lack of ability in storing or retrieving information from those mental libraries would result in scholastic failure or, in too many cases, being labeled intellectually inferior. Intelligence will be much less about what you can store in your head and much more about your ability to quickly locate, organize and understand information gleaned from global information sources such as the Internet.

In this paper, however, I focus on answers that may be provided by .

My name is Mike Adams, Im the president & CEO of Arial Software, the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Research Center, and author of several books and audio programs on nutrition, medical ethics and food toxicology.

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