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Like other smart camera designs, administration occurred locally: administrators were required to log into each vision system from the In-Sight Explorer programming software to modify user credentials and privileges.

These settings were not readily transferrable: user lists were unique to each In-Sight vision system.

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Each time a user attempts to access an In-Sight vision system, the In-Sight vision system encrypts the username and password and queries them to the server ensuring that login information is verified to current information.

With the Cognex centrally managed smart camera architecture, privileges are configured remotely through the browser-based Cognex Directory Management Utility.

For companies with large installed bases of In-Sight systems on the plant floor, the ability to update user information and access privileges remotely, offline, and in aggregate, without having to log into the individual smart cameras to configure this information, reduces downtime and increases administrative management efficiency.

Vision systems often store or generate sensitive information such as product tolerances, inspection recipes and quality control data.

A particular concern involves the transfer of serialized data in the pharmaceutical industry.

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