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Jim and Julie are swingers—couples who socialize sexually with other couples or singles living "the lifestyle," as they call it.

Surprisingly, the Cherry Pit parties held in the Texan notch of the Bible Belt went relatively unnoticed for years, despite attendance of sometimes 100 or more invited guests.

"Would you want someone living next to you who was a pedophile if you have a bunch of kids? Their attorney has advised them to refrain from media interviews while their criminal case is pending, but she spoke briefly with NEWSWEEK.

One common misconception about swingers, she says, is that they have troubled relationships.

In 2004 Trulock and Norris restarted the parties, which compete for patrons of other Dallas-area swinger clubs, including the Silver Minx, Velvet Curtain, Spankee's Club, Iniquity and the Rustic Red House, to name a few. But Klein, the Cherry Pit's attorney, says Trulock and Norris's fight to protect the swinging lifestyle in the privacy of their own home is supported by a more recent Supreme Court decision, the 2003 kind of private activity, [even] wearing pink socks in your home." A county judge denied Klein's motion Wednesday for a restraining order against the Duncanville law.Now they'll try for an injunction while the lawsuit works its way through the courts—a process that could take a decade or longer.City officials, declining to comment further, issued a statement saying they will respond to the lawsuit in court and continue to enforce the sex club law.Swingers even have their own generation gap; older swingers feel that the youth are too superficial or that they are looking for a "big orgy" instead of strengthening their current relationships and making new friendships, says Curtis Bergstrand, head of sociology at Bellarmine University, a Roman Catholic institution in Louisville, Ky.The Cherry Pit started as a private gathering in an apartment in the 1980s in a neighborhood popular with young urban professionals.

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