Wii updating do not turn power off

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"Off" should mean off.' I assume Ti Vo faced a similar issue, and they decided to have no off button.• May 10, 2006 AM Dish Network's satellite receiver is the same way.Maybe they need to pull both the power plug and the Ethernet cable. Maybe there is no way to turn the Nintendo Wii off.There's a serious security problem here, made worse by a bad user interface. Tags: control, gaming consoles, usability, vulnerabilities Posted on May 10, 2006 at AM • 103 Comments • May 10, 2006 AM I'm with you there Bruce - I certainly would not want my games updating when the console is off - it's bad enough updating when the ruddy thing is on.It would be an expensive mistake to make and unlike Sony or Microsoft, they don't have much of another business to fall back on.• May 10, 2006 AM "The number of bugs that have appeared in games because of patches is rediculous." I believe that it still compares favorably to the number fixed bugs. Wo W), you won't have a choice to run anything except the up-to-date version.• May 10, 2006 AM Somehow, I doubt that Nintendo is looking to deactivate games or some other DRM like trick.

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But in Nintendo's case, "off" really means something like "on standby." If users expect the Nintendo Wii to be truly off, they need to pull the power plug -- assuming there isn't a battery foiling that tactic.Even pressing the off button on the front of your computer (the little circle with the line going through the top of it) is really putting it into a standby mode.• May 10, 2006 AM 'There's a serious security problem here, made worse by a bad user interface.They have a mute button that does not turn the sound off, just lowers it a little ( yes, I know that's the the definition of "mute" ) but it still irritates the heck out of me.• May 10, 2006 AM I suspect it won't be as bad as it sounds.

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